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JHM Joods historisch museum Amsterdam

Het is een plezier u hierbij te laten weten dat wij kunst werk van Amos van Gelder vanaf 25 juli zullen gaan tonen in onze tentoonstelling Aanwinsten hedendaagse kunst.

Deze tentoonstelling zal tot en met 18 oktober 2015 te zien zijn in ons prentenkabinet (expositieruimte 2).






      project “Wasserette” old Synagogue Groningen from 1 mei until 30 september. address: Folkingestraat 60, 9701 ED, Groningen. tel;0503123151 email; info@synagogegroningen.nl    www.nu.nl links: http://www.nu.nl/cultuur-overig/4038189/opnieuw-wasserette-in-synagoge-groningen.html https://jonet.nl/agenda/1-mei-opening-expositie-wasserette-van-amos-van-gelder-in-synagoge-groningen/ http://www.ouderenjournaal.nl/groningen/2015/04/28/wasserette-in-de-groninger-synagoge/ Wasserette The old synagogue in Groningen, for a short while after the end of 2ww, was used as a laundry factory. With 250 mr. Canvas painted with…

A spatial gaze from a new perspective.

Ronit Eden Natural disasters or man-made catastrophes accompany our lives regularly. We are flooded by an unimaginable visual excess on a daily basis. Events from the distant as well as recent past are all documented and remembered. Urban planning and the creation of a new urban tissue for places are a pressing need, all the…

text by Donka Vianu

Amos van Gelder’s art Amos van Gelder started his carrier as an artist in the second part of the ’80 ties in New York as a conceptual artist concerned with social and political issues. A personal crisis and migration to Netherlands at the beginning of the ’90 ties shifted his quest from a social and…